Why Art? Why Now?

Forgiveus   -  

We are currently in the midst of buying a home and I am in the middle of preparing for my very first art show, Kid Nostalgia. This is a most amazing and exciting time as I prepare new works to put out in the world. It stands in juxtaposition to the ultimate purchase for many families, a home. We are interested and entangled in all of the details that make up a purchase of this magnitude. Yet it is not lost on me while we may be pursuing the American Dream in some ways, it is not one that can last forever. Homes are bought and homes are sold and the materials that make them rot and rust eventually. Yet the words we write and the images we create and even the songs we sing last much longer. Encouragement to consumerism is the reality of this world and the profits it musters. We scratch and claw and compete, yet very few share the depth of their experience with the world that exists and is destined to come. Inspiration lasts much longer than hate and the debates over materials like money and power continue into perpetuity. Yet the moment of inspiration distilled into a work will start another spark that will build love into and upon the earth. The reaction of creating art to counteract the violence and greed that seems to tighten its grip daily, may feel utterly inadequate. Yet with a steady hand the vision of life abundantly will take hold and do much more topping the future than the competitive avarice and division we are currently locked in.