Declaration of Forgive.Us

A declaration to be signed at Forgive.Us events to remember our commitment to pursue justice and healing through truth-telling, peace and Love.

Over the course of the history of this country it has become clear we have overcome a bevy of insurmountable odds. By way of Europe, explorers arrived and displaced many Native landowners. Africans were forcibly led into the New World to serve the ambitious aims of our founding fathers. The despotism suffered on behalf of England was violently confronted. We have a history riddled with wars on scales large and small with a death toll reaching the skies. In the midst of our nation building we have lost sight of the humanity that connects us to the past, present and future.
Yet we are still here with a tremendous capacity as a people to feel empathy for each other, and act in compassion. We hold that there is a fabric connecting the heart and soul of every man woman and child. We are distinctly created for a great purpose that grows in quality, equity and clarity when shared with all people. We as a people have come to a crossroad littered with contested police shootings of unarmed black men, women and children deeply ingrained segregation, guilt, demonized government and offense that bubbles at the surface of all discussions concerning race. Our resignation to division confirms the lie that our best days are long gone. Yet we are here and the Dream will be awakened. The love and brotherhood as declared by one man one sunny August day, is more accessible than ever and hope cannot wane in the face of vibrant belief.
Now is the time to let go of any disdain, bitterness, offense, indifference and apathy that exist between the races. This action is necessary to let the rain of right-standing produce the fruit of a healthy nation; Love, compassion, peace, empathy and hope for a greater quality of life for ALL. Although many have made admirable efforts through protests, policy reform, revolutionary movements, education, philanthropy and community programs, we are still here.
We, Therefore as representatives of the richly diverse United States of America, by the grace of a generous and loving God, declare adherence to a new state of governance in which our hearts are awake to the plight, miscasting and misfortune of our neighbors. We offer Forgiveness to those who have wronged us whether by perception or truth. We declare: Let Love reign in this great land.