Mission & Vision

There is a reason for this faith season

Our Goal

Who: Nathan + Liz Stanton and Family

What: Forgive Us Ministries is based on the Lord’s Prayer and eventually including other branches of ministry but starting with Forgive.Us. One that utilizes preaching, creativity and workshops to unite Spirit + Justice.

Mission: To spread the message of unity across racial lines in Christ through the power of the Spirit.

Vision: Our heart is to travel the country and minister to people and churches. We will do this through Forgive.Us events that incorporate the arts to amplify the message of Love that Jesus modeled through His Life, Crucifixion and Resurrection. We will assist this process by being completely mobile and free of the restraints of living in only one place. We desire to hear the unique heartbeat of people living throughout this country and as such shine a light of unity through Christ everywhere we go. In the last few years whenever we approached a transition this idea has been brought to our hearts, but without any real action because the timing didn’t seem to be right. But as God has begun to stir us in this direction now we are determined to seize the day. As this is an election year the country seems to be more polarized than ever. While many are digging their heels in determined to impress their ideology on one another we desire to bring people together. In John 17 Jesus informs us that he is at the right hand of the Father praying that we would be one just as he and the Father are one. We pray that as we step out in faith and risk that God would be glorified and the power of his spirit would move throughout the highways and byways of our nation. We will start with reaching out to the people we know and broadcasting the vision God has put on our hearts. Our intention will be to have visits lined up by the start of September 2020 in Jesus’ name.

When: We plan to move at the end of June 2020 into a new season of pursuing the Lord. By that time we will have contacted at least 20-25 Churches/individuals/contacts around the country and begun to coordinate a time to visit each city and when depending on the event. (workshop/Forgive.Us/Sunday message) We will spend 4-6 weeks in Redding, CA as a time to recharge and prepare for the future.

Needs: Continued Prayer