Forgive Us Overview

The basic structure of the event is an Open Mic with the purpose of putting a spotlight on the gap between Justice and injustice. It can be held in a coffee shop, church, park, library room, etc. One MC and 8-10 performers share from their heart a vision of what’s wrong with, and how to improve, the world we inhabit. It can include a dance, reading, poetry recital, visual art, etc. Meetings in person will depend on the state of COVID-19 but can also be facilitated remotely. We will need to pay attention to any COVID outbreaks in the state we are visiting and what kind of meeting we will be able to hold.

We will connect with churches and host events that bring leaders together who have just entered the conversation about justice. Especially those looking for language outside of partisan constraints. Our hope is that the people we meet and build relationships with will continue to organize Forgive Us events yearly giving voice to those marginalized and kept in silence. In the next 2 years grassroots organization will spark individuals own Forgive Us events in cities we’ve visited and many others. The goal is to continue to spread this unique message until August 2023 when we gather together for a festival at the National Mall in Washington D.C.

I anticipate these steps will lead to a nation beginning to embrace a message of forgiveness by 2024. Cities and states will lead the way for the US government’s official admission and apology for the Native American genocide, African Slave Trade and other wounds upon the soul of the nation. This will help jumpstart the process of reconciliation listed below.