Ministry Resources

Three ways we would love to partner with you as an organization, ministry or an individual with spiritual and practical ways to pursue Justice in your context

Get Involved

Forgive Us Event

Our signature event that invites poets and artists, dancers, creatives and anyone who wants to use their voice to create with love. Really anyone who has something they would like to say about the state of our country and it’s treatment of black and other marginalized people.

Lead time: 2 months to organize space and schedule artists
-8-10 people sharing with MC intro
-Signing of the “scroll”
-A large piece of paper that contains the
Declaration of Forgive.Us

Weekly Workshops

Spirit and Justice
Creative Prophetic Lament
Building Cross Cultural Bridges
Thriving Marriages

Sunday Service Ministry

Messages :
“The Other Side”
“Spirit and Justice”
“Power in Diversity”

Also we would love to minister to your community through the gifts of the Spirit (prophecy, healing and words of wisdom)

The Race Card

A collection of cards made to help people gather in small groups and hold courageous conversations about race and the implications of cultural bias in our society.

Coming Soon

– Online Justice Courses
– Marriage Devotionals/Videos